Teaching the Strong Thesis Statement, Part Two

After the usual end-of-semester descent into grading hell, we are back with the promised Part Two of our series on thesis statements!  One of my projects with my students this month has been to get them to write shorter introductions, so in the spirit of that exercise, let’s get to the point: 2. Ask questions … Continue reading Teaching the Strong Thesis Statement, Part Two

Paper Prompt: Noticing

It’s a new dawn and a new day for the 2019 - 2020 school year!  I have new groups of students and new classes to teach, and for those lucky enough to be enrolled in my literature seminars, that means new papers to write, coming up fast. I always begin literature seminars by assigning short … Continue reading Paper Prompt: Noticing

Our First Foray: ‘Tis New to Thee

I spent a while thinking about what might be a good topic for a first real post.  How about: the first thing that occurred to me to write about?  Good a starting point as any. Today’s topic is: when do you know a student has brought you an excellent paper topic? In Act V of … Continue reading Our First Foray: ‘Tis New to Thee