I Am Not Afraid of the Chatbot

Good news, everyone!  You can take all those pots and pans clogging your kitchen right down to the dump, because in our modern society, you no longer need to learn to cook. I know, I know - how could I even suggest such a thing?  Cooking is practically as old as humanity itself.  If you … Continue reading I Am Not Afraid of the Chatbot

Simple versus Simplistic

Write simply. Its one of the first, most frequent, and loudest writing tips I give my students: write simply.  Some of my students - those fond of referring to “individuals” when they mean “people,” talking about how an author “utilized” something when they want to talk about use, and those who have thesaurus.com in a … Continue reading Simple versus Simplistic

Writing Exercise: Tonal Mix ‘n Match

Hello, loyal (or occasional, or brand-new) readers!  You’re all craving some good news, right? We may be smack in the middle of the times that try men’s souls, but there is a silver lining to it all, which is that I’ll be updating the blog more often now that I’m stuck at home!  There, you … Continue reading Writing Exercise: Tonal Mix ‘n Match

Writing By Hand Is Good For You

I can take notes faster with my laptop, they tell me.  I can write down everything you say.  I can transfer it onto a Quizlet. I can spellcheck.  Taking notes by hand is slow! Yep.  I know.  You’re one hundred percent correct about all of those things.  And they add up to exactly why I … Continue reading Writing By Hand Is Good For You