Let’s get started with some FAQs

Hello, friend readers!  It’s finally time for an introductory post to get things started.  I hope to be posting regularly throughout the summer while I’m not in school, but in the meantime, please enjoy a Frequently Asked Questions page.

What is the point of this blog?

This blog is an informal resource for secondary school teachers of English language and literature.  I also welcome students, parents, potential teachers, and whoever happens upon us to read along and learn a thing or two.

What qualifies you to write this blog?

The Internet is a marvelous never-ending Cave of Wonders where anyone with a pulse and a connection can puke out any random thought-vomit they want to on any subject they fancy.  I decided I fancied the art of teaching writing. It’s up to you whether you think what I have to say is worth reading.

But since you asked, I have a PhD in medieval literature and I’ve been teaching writing about literature in some capacity since 2013.  My students have included everyone from elite college students to prison inmates (and there is more overlap in those two categories than you might think).

What sorts of things will you write about on this blog?

Reading and writing exercises I’ve tried in my classroom, ideas for essay topics, books and articles I like, books and articles I don’t like, general nonsense about how to transform teenagers into good communicators. In other words, all things related to teaching writing under the sun!

Will you ever feature guest writers?

I may occasionally feature a post by an invited guest.  Guest writers are limited to people I know personally and for whose classroom expertise I can vouch.

Where do you teach?  Can I get my child into your classes?

Because this blog conveys my own insights and opinions on English classroom teaching and because those do not necessarily reflect the official positions of my school, I choose to leave my workplace anonymous.  If you really want to know where I teach, it’s easy enough to Google me and find out. It will be difficult to get your child into my classes unless s/he already attends the school in question, but I do offer private tutoring if you happen to be near my neighborhood.  Contact me for my rates.

I wrote something.  Can I send it to you for editing?

You sure can.  Email me a description and I’ll send you a quote.

If you meant “out of the goodness of my heart,” that’s why you have family and friends.  Everything on this blog is free. If you want personalized, professional editing, you have to pay for it.

Do you have any handouts or templates I can use?

You can find a selection of handouts and templates at my TeachersPayTeachers store (or at least you will be able to once I get it up and running – patience, please, I’m new at this!).

I strongly disagree with everything you say and you sound like a terrible teacher.

Cool.  You are welcome to start your own blog explaining why.

I welcome comments of all sorts, including critical ones, but I really have better things to do with my day than read and reply to 1,000-plus-word-screeds.

I discovered a grammatical mistake in one of your posts and I need to angrily and/or triumphantly point it out to you.

You can leave an angry comment and I will give it all the attention it is due.

I make grammar errors sometimes.  Everyone does. I do my best to edit them out, but I might miss something on occasion.  If that happens, please try not to let it ruin your day.

I love your blog and/or you!  How can I show my appreciation?

Thank you!  If you have the resources to do so, you can donate to its upkeep in the Donate section (under construction).  Otherwise, you can share it with your friends and colleagues or on the various social media platforms.

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